Childish Major – Dirt Road Diamond [Mixtape]

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Childish Major Dirt Road Diamond Mp3 Mixtape Download

Download Childish Major Dirt Road Diamond Mp3 Mixtape

Childish Major Dirt Road Diamond. Dirt Road Diamond is a balance of a smooth R&B and hip hop type of vibe with features from Ludacris, Olu, Buddy, and Tish Hyman. When asked about his transition from working as a producer to stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist, Major said, “It happened kind of naturally. Producing wasn’t fulfilling enough as far as my passion went. I just started writing for myself and it became therapy.” He added, “It became another level of creativity that I was enjoying. As far as making people see that, it was a little bit more difficult but we made it happen.” 


1. Necessary Pressure
2. To My Little Homies
3. Feelings Hurt
4. For You
5. Tenfold
6. No Sweat ft. Ludacris
7. Pull Up Game Crazy
8. Not Numb ft. Olu & Buddy
9. Bro
10. Dream Went Bad ft. Tish Hyman
11. Shine

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